Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A scrambled egg never tasted so good!

Today was my one week post-op appointment with my surgeon and the "go ahead" to start the soft diet.  He said I am doing really well and losing weight at a good rate.  I feel fine, but am a little tired still.  They said to drink more and maybe add some iron to my vitamin regimen.  Here is the list of what I can have.  They said I cannot deviate from this list with any substitutions.
  • any kind of cheese-plain cottage cheese, avoid cream cheese
  • plain low fat yogurt-no fruit allowed
  • scrambled eggs only
  • baked or grilled fish, tuna/salmon with low fat mayo, no fried or breaded fish
  • mashed potatoes
  • cream of wheat
  • vegetarian refried beans
  • apple sauce
I need to eat 3-4 times a day and only two ounces at a time.  I need to take 50-60 grams of protein drink/day and drink fluids throughout the day.

I was so excited, that I came home and immediately scrambled up an egg and it tasted sooo good :).  I think I may have eaten it a little too fast, though.  I am feeling VERY tight right now and doubt I will eat anything else today.

Speaking of going too fast.  I was running late this morning and forgot to take my vitamins.  So I ran back inside and took them, and sipped water with my prilosec.  I think I might have gulped some.  Anyways, as I was backing out of our driveway I felt awful.  I stopped the car and got out fast enough to throw up all over my front lawn.  Out came my vitamins.  I cannot believe how fast that came on.  I need to slow it down and take my time...with everything.

I also went to the office today for a staff meeting.  My co-worker drove me there and back, but I don't want to take any more time off.  I was beat by 1:00 pm and am glad to be home resting.  I am glad I have a job that I can basically make my own hours and schedule to see clients when I need to.

So excited to eat this week!  I don't see the surgeon for another three weeks, so I will try these, one at a time each day to see if it settles and my new tummy likes them.  Yay!!

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Jacquie said...

Your post-op diet sounds identical to what mine will be. I tried the Special K20 packs and like them! It adds 5 grams protein AND 5 grams fiber to my water. I've been drinking 2 bottles a day. My NUT suggested it as another way to sneak in more protein and fiber.

You are doing great Sandy, I hope I can do half as good!