Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In Search of New Goals!

Boy, the month of May just FLEW by!  I had my one year "surgiversary" a couple of weeks ago and didn't even blog about it, lol!  I am actually doing very well and am in need of new goals.  I met all the goals I wrote for myself, "weight-wise" (see all those goals to the right?  ALL crossed off!):  I am now in the "normal" BMI range!!  I am actually below my goal weight, but really want to stay in the 150's, and I am fluctuating between 157-162.  I am in mostly size 8's, but some 10's and some 6's, depending on the brand.  Mostly medium tops.  I have hit 125 lbs. lost!!!  yahoo!!  But now what?

I need to make myself some new goals, maybe not weight related, but total health related. 
  • Food choices.   This has become increasingly harder for me.  For the first 6-10 months after surgery, I was very disciplined and made sure I was eating mostly protein and lots of fruits and veggies.  I still wasn't eating pasta or bread and sweets were at a minimum.  Now?  Still not much bread or pasta and still mostly protein, but lots of junk has been creeping into my diet.  Crackers.  Ice cream. And since we are busy with my girls' softball, lots of eating out.  Now, the portions are still small, but I am not making the best choices.  Need to make a goal about this.  Not sure what yet...
  • Exercise.  Still not doing much at all.  I occasionally walk, usually with the dogs, but not much.  I don't think I am ready to commit to a serious exercise routine, but I need to move more than I have been (this has been a theme throughout my whole life..sigh).
  • Spiritual walk and service.  I realize I am making excuses, but I feel like I have been so busy.  Our church has a summer Women's Bible Study that I am going to participate in.  Also, the agency I work for is a Christian organization, placing foster children in Christian homes.  I do feel like my work is a ministry.  But is that enough?  Should I serve at church, too?  Prayer needed on this.
  • Friends.  I have a close group of friends and we have been friends for almost 10 years.  But, our kids are all getting older and are having activities of their own, so we are getting busy.  I need to make a point of inviting them to coffee or just drop them a note once in a while.  Such bad habits. 
  • Hobbies?  Ha!  I really envy those that have them.  I would love to scrapbook or sew or knit (or even blog on a regular basis, lol!), but with my full-time job and three kiddos?  When??  I know there are women out there that do it, but I just don't know how.
So, these are some of the areas that I am looking at for new goals.  I would love some ideas.  I do get lots of inspiration from all of you and even "Pinterest" lots of ideas :)

A note about hubby :)  He has his one year "surgiversary" in July.  He has already lost over 125 lbs. and doesn't want to get any lower, either.  He looks fabulous, if I do say so myself :)  <wolf whistle>  Here is a pic of us on Memorial Day this past weekend.  We spent it at a lake with some friends.