Monday, December 27, 2010


Got another letter last week, not necessarily a denial, but stating that more information is needed for the referral. I guess the 6 months of nutrition classes was not sent with the referral?!  I am beginning to think my primary doctor's office is really lacking and incompetent.  So, I call them to ask about it and the woman in charge of the referrals is fuming, as she received another denial, based on my BMI.  She said it was listed at 35 this time.  What the Heck?!  It isn't too hard to figure out.  Based on my height/weight, my BMI is 41.  Doesn't take a genius.  She said she would fix it and get back to me...ugh!

Monday, December 6, 2010

More setbacks

It was oh, so funny, when I received in the mail today two notices of denial from the insurance company of my upcoming weightloss surgery.  I panicked...  Then, I looked at the letters.  They said I was denied because my Body Mass Index was 27 (!!).  Well, that's news to me :)  Heck, I haven't been that low since my 20's and that is pushing it.  Obviously somebody entered the wrong numbers.  I called my doctors and they did indeed cause the error.  So, now I wait even more.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New blog, New start

I had started a blog a few months ago,, discussing my issues and wanting a lap band.  Since then, after going through my six months of nutrition classes and reading blogs and weight loss forums, I have changed my mind and am wanting a vertical sleeve gastrectomy.  Back in April, I thought for sure I would have had surgery by now.  I am glad I have had the wait, as I have had more time to research and be more comfortable in my decision.  I am just now getting all  my appointments rolling, hoping they go smoothly.  I am still reading tons of blogs and getting more research under my belt.  I am super excited and anxious for this journey to start!