Monday, May 23, 2011

Dreaming of Food

This has been a hard week.  Not because of the surgery and the healing.  That has been super easy and fast.  I feel fine and barely remember I had surgery at all.  The hard part has been being on liquids.  Oh my... I am glad my surgeon did not require a liquid diet before surgery, because with a full-size tummy still there I would have been super hungry.  This week has been hard because of the head hunger and just wanting to "bite" something.

We have been super busy this weekend, as my daughter made the All-Star team for softball.  Actually every weekend until mid-July we are going to be busy.  Busy at the softball fields, where everyone is eating snack  bar food.  Hamburgers. Nachos. Pizza. Candy. Soda.  It is junk, and when I am actually putting solid food in my mouth, I am hoping that I will be glad that I am not eating it.  But this weekend, as I was sipping my liquids, I almost knocked out a few kids who were snacking on some cheesy nachos and a hot dog.

Today also just so happens to be one week since my surgery!!  This time last week I was getting ready to go to the hospital.  It seems like ages ago.  I have officially lost 14 lbs. since last Monday and 34 lbs. for the month of May.  Unbelievable!!!  I am so thrilled.  I see my surgeon tomorrow afternoon and will start the soft foods or "mushies" stage on Wednesday.  Hallelujah!!  I am so looking forward to that.  I am also in search of a protein drink that I actually like.  It is hard getting the protein in if I don't want to drink them.  I start them, but then don't finish them.  More samples to try today :)


Jacquie said...

Glad you are physically doing so good being 1 week out. I remember the liquid stage from my band surgery so know what to expect. It sucked big time. I dont have to do a pre-surgery liquid for my VSG either so that makes me smile.

I was told that S.E.I Max is really good and it is...however, I get gas/diarreha every time I drink it! I just ordered some Dessert protein powder. Heard really good things about it and will let you know. Atkins shakes are also good but I have the same issues with them. Click Espresso is delicious and I have no side effect from it at all. I love it as an afternoon drink because it has lots of caffeine and it gives me a good boost during the dreaded afternoon slump.

Sandy said...

That's funny, Jacquie, because I get diarrhea every time I have a protein drink, too. I was hoping that would end soon. I am planning to get some Click, but I was going to wait til a little later. I hear ya about those afternoon slumps :)

Sheila said...

Aaargh, the liquid diet is HARD to do. You are almost done, and wow -34lbs in May alone? That rocks, girl!!!

My favorite protein RTD is the Premier Protein (choc. or vanilla) from Costco and I hear Sams started carrying them too. My favorite protein powder is Jay Robb and it's easy (for me) to find at my local grocery store, sweetened with Stevia which I like. I tried Click and don't care much for it. Sigh. Plus I was a big dummy and didn't do my research on the amount of caffeine it has in it and the last thing I want to develop is an ulcer...even the link between caffeine and ulcers is unproven, I am not taking chances with my new baby tum. Good luck on finding one that works for you and hang in there on liquids...they do suck don't they?