Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Changing Primary Doc...geesh!

I do believe that after all the referrals and surgery are over, I will be changing my primary doctor.  I just called them to check on my status.  They looked at my file and asked if I had the cardiac clearance.  I had.  Then she looked some more and said, "well, I guess we can refer you to the surgeon now".  Ummm...isn't that what your job is?  Did I have to call them for this to take place?

I guess this is good news, though :)  I am soon going to meet with the surgeon (finally!).  I have so much checked off my list and am hoping to be sleeved in March.  I think I have to attend a pre-operative class and go through a two week low carb/high protein diet.  The classes are only held on the first Monday of every month.  I am hoping to get referred to Dr. Suh so I can take the class in early February and then surgery in March.

Checklist so far:
6 months of weight loss/nutrition classes
cardiac clearance
pulmonary test
psychiatric test

I don't know if I have to have a sleep test or not (I am hoping not).  I am pretty sure I have to have a chest x-ray and blood work.  This whole process, from when I started the classes to when I get surgery will have been almost a year!  But it will be sooo worth it!  I am very excited about the changes that will take place and to start my new life.  I think about it all the time.  I am just so darn tired of being unhealthy and overweight.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm not crazy! :)

Just got home from my psychological evaluation appointment.  It was confirmed.  I am not crazy :)  The therapist was very nice and even stated that she had weight loss surgery 3 years ago.  We really didn't even talk about weight loss at all.  She saw what I did for a living, working for an FFA (foster family agency), and I think tried to recruit me :).  She started her career in an FFA and her therapy group still did consulting with FFA's and group homes.  We got along great.  I had to fill out a long survey about food, questions about depression, etc., but they were very basic.  She said I passed and was excited for me.  She said she would fax the approval to my doctor today!

I finished my cardiac clearance last week and have my pulmonary tests next week.  Then, I think, it goes for approval to insurance to be referred to the surgeon.  SO many hoops to jump through, but I am willing to do it!  YAY!