Friday, May 6, 2011

Getting things ready

I could seriously spend days reading and reading and watching all there is out there about VSG.  From the message boards to the blogs and vlogs, the information is almost too much.  I am now concentrating on the pre-op diet and it is amazing how different doctors are when it comes to this area.  I have read that some are very strict with a liquid diet.  Some are on a high protein/low carb diet.  And then some don't have any kind of pre-op diet at all.  I have no idea what the benefits are, even though I have read the theories.  My doctor requires a two week high protein/low carb diet, with the last day before surgery is full liquids (creamed soups, bouillon, broth, protein shakes, sugar-free popsicles, pudding and jello).  Also, I was told this week to avoid red meat, lettuce and leafy vegetables.  Oh, and no more advil or ibuprofen or aspirin related products.  No more soda.  Also, I am on Prilosec and am taking mulit-vitamins and Vitamin C.

I am also reading alot on the success stories and the different experiences the first few days and weeks after surgery.  Some of it really excites me, and other stuff really terrifies me.  I know everybody's experience differs.  I am just excited to get through the next few weeks.

One thing I am thrilled with is that my surgeon and hospital are within 10 minutes of my home.  I don't have to drive far or worry about not seeing family and friends.  I have read about others driving and flying long distances for this life-changing (saving) procedure and that would just add to my fears and nervousness.

OK, back to the blogs for more reading, lol!  I have my pre-registration appointment with the hospital next week and my last visit with my surgeon on Tuesday.  Coincidently, Tuesday is also my husband's first visit with the surgeon!  He is also getting the VSG and is only a little bit behind me in the scheduling.  Once he sees the surgeon, it is submitted to insurance (that is if our primary doc office doesn't screw things up).

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Sheila said...

My go-to advice is always FOLLOW YOUR SURGEON'S GUIDELINES!! Pre- and post-op diets are vastly different between surgeons. At least if you are doing what YOUR surgeon requires you are following the rules. Good luck as you go through all the pre-op stuff. I'm going on vacation and return shortly before your surgery, so I will have to check in on you next week to see how you are doing!