Saturday, November 19, 2011

Six month comparison pics!

Okay, here they are, 
the wonderful and dramatic comparison pictures! 
 I simply cannot believe how different I look and feel. 
 Just since May!!  

Here I am in May 2011:

Here I am in November 2011:


 Wearing my size 22 pants!

 Woo Hoo!!

 Also, here is a picture of my husband and I in April 2011:

And here is a picture of us today:
I have lost 100 lbs. and my husband (VSG in July) has lost 93 lbs. (!!)
Almost 200 lbs. lost!! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

100 lbs. lost on my 6 month surgiversary!!


Amazing, stupendous, marvelous, fantastic, incredible, outstanding, magnificent, phenomenal!!!
I feel sooo incredibly thankful and blessed.  6 months ago today I was wheeled into the operating room to have a vertical sleeve gastrectomy performed, the amazing surgical weight loss tool in which 85% of the stomach is removed, creating a sleeve or tube in the shape of a banana.  This procedure permanently reduces the size of the stomach and is done laparoscopically and is not reversible.  It has given me so much more than I could have ever dreamed.  100 lbs. lost in 6 months?  NEVER would I have dreamed it.  I am rarely hungry.  I only eat a few ounces at a time.  Food doesn't rule my life anymore.  What a gift.  My mind is having a hard time wrapping itself around this.  

I have gone from 282 lbs. to 182 lbs.  From a size 22 to a size 12.  I have lost tons of inches, and will post those measurements and comparison pictures this weekend, but don't have the time this morning.  I just wanted to shout out my excitement and not let this moment go by.  How fun was it to see THAT number on the scale on my six month surgiversary?! 

Woo Hoo!!!!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eggface's CLICK'n Fall Giveaway

I love giveaways, don't you??  I also love coffee and coffee-flavored drinks.  One of my favorite weight loss bloggers is giving away some CLICK Expresso Protein Drink mixes and thought I would share :) 
She is giving away 3 canisters of CLICK (2 Mocha & 1 Vanilla), a CLICK Blender Bottle Shaker, a CLICK New Cool Max Hat, and a CLICK e-tote Bag.  Cool, huh?!!  Good luck!  Go here to read all about it and enter.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween is scarier than I remember!

So, here it first "holiday season" post weight loss surgery.  I think I would do okay if I was on my own or if it was just my husband and myself (although he really does have a sweet tooth!).  I do think, however, it is going to be hard with my children, bringing all those yummy treats home.  Whether it is baked goods (cookies, cakes, breads) or the Halloween candy (!!), it is inevitable that it is going to be in our home.

I think I need to make a game plan for the next few months.  I had all my girls "hide" their Halloween candy this week so I wouldn't have it staring at me.  It has worked for the most part, as out-of-sight-out-of-mind, but I still have indulged more than I have in the last few months.  I am up a couple pounds, too (not going on the ticker, of course!).  Kinda getting me down.  BUT, with a game plan, I will turn this around. :)
  1. Drink more liquids, not just water.  I get in my bare minimum daily.  I am going to try and add more variety to my liquid intake.  During these winter months, hot drinks are more appealing, so I will research some yummy alternatives.
  2. Do some form of moving every day.  I am not talking going to the gym for an hour or strenuous sweating ;).  I am talking about walking, wii fit games, yard work.  Just moving more.
  3. Make sure I have protein options with me when we go out (either to gatherings or on the road).  These can be almonds, protein bar, pre-packaged protein snacks, etc.
  4. Plan ahead!  Plan meals and stick to them.  This really helps me.
Luckily I am not yet even 6 months post-op, so I am not cleared for any alcohol drinks yet.  Those calories add up really quick.  However, I will be cleared for more carbs later this month (bread, rice, pasta, tortillas), so I am a little nervous about adding them to my diet.  It has been a little "freeing" not being able to eat them.  They are a huge trigger for me and mostly what got me to needing surgery in the first place.  I have indulged a few times in the past month (shared a wrap with my husband, for instance), but not much else.  <<shiver>> This is almost as scary as the candy.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Let's Talk Leftovers

I really have not learned how to cook for my family post-op.  I still think "family of five" and cook accordingly.  Before surgery, I would cook more than five servings because my husband and I would definitely eat more than our share.  Now, I am thinking maybe "family of three" would suffice, as our 3 daughters eat like birds most of the time and my husband and I could easily split a serving.  We also need to utilize the leftovers.  This is what my refrigerator looks like on a regular basis:

(I was too lazy to actually take a picture and upload it, so I just found a pic with leftovers)

I cannot tell you how many times in the last 5 months I have thrown out spoiled food.  Shelly (AKA Eggface) is really good about this and has so many ideas for leftovers.  She calls it "repurposing".  
Here is one of her blog entries about it:  What neat ideas!

I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks, mostly due to the stall I am in...again.  It is totally my fault, though.  I am not exercising at all.  Every day I tell myself I am going to walk or watch a DVD or go to the gym (gasp!), but it doesn't happen.  I always find something else I would rather do.  I was never good at self discipline...ha!!  I am also not getting in hardly any water and I don't track my eating, so I have no idea if I all my protein in.  I doubt I am eating too many carbs, as I am pretty good at sticking to what is on my eating plan.  The doctor still hasn't cleared me for bread (including chips/crackers), pasta, tortillas, or rice.  My diet is mainly still cheese, yogurt, eggs, meat, fruit, veggies.  I have protein bars (usually only a half) with my coffee in the morning.  I do eat small snacks every few hours:  handful of almonds, a string cheese, a piece of turkey jerky, etc.  I am okay with my stalls, because I am absolutely thrilled about losing 90+ lbs. in 5 months!!  I just know I need to move, not to get the scale moving, but for my health.  I didn't have this surgery to still be "unhealthy".  I just wish I had some more motivation :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy October!!

I love Autumn :)  And this one is going to be a good one, I can just tell.  I love the change in the weather. I love the soups, stews, and chili cooking in the crockpot. I love wearing sweaters and cute boots.  I am also lovin' the sleeve lately and have hit some milestones, too.  My BMI is in the 20's (!!) now and I am no longer "obese".  How cool is that??!  And, I hit 90 lbs. lost and am in the 180's for the first time in FOREVER!

I also am posting my measurements.  I had them taken last month, but did not take the time to put them here in the blog.  I am stunned at how much I have lost, not just in pounds, but in inches.

Today we went to the beach with some friends, to say goodbye to Summer and just hang out.  It was an absolutely beautiful day.  I had a friend take a picture of my husband and me.  Normally I never want to have my picture taken, but now I don't mind at all.  My husband is loving his sleeve, too.  He has lost 70 lbs!  I am so proud of him.  Between the two of us, we have lost 163 lbs!!  Wow!!  This is the best thing we could have ever done for ourselves and our daughters.

Friday, September 16, 2011


So, after another stall (this time around 3 1/2 weeks), I am finally in Onederland!!  And, in actuality, I was around 202 lbs. for those weeks, not 200 lbs., but I don't reflect that in my way.

And, today is my 4 month surgiversary!  Woo hoo!  84 lbs. lost since pre-op diet, and 64 lbs. since surgery.  I was just looking at the pictures I took before surgery and cannot believe how different I look.  I am writing this in the morning, during the busyness of kids getting ready for school and me for work.  Otherwise, I would have someone take a picture of me and also post my measurements (they have changed...ALOT!).  Hopefully I have a few free moments this weekend.  I just wanted to make sure I documented this moment before it got away :)  I actually squealed when I saw the number on the scale this morning.  So happy!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Holy Hair!

Yep, my hair is falling out, just like I knew it would.  As I was showering this morning, I had to catch it all before it went down the drain and clogged it all up.  Luckily I have tons of hair, so I don't think anyone will notice, but it is kinda annoying.  I have been wearing lots of tank tops lately (due to the triple digit weather we are having lately! ugh!) and I am constantly swiping at my arms because I feel loose hairs on them and they bother me.  I did just pass the 3 month post surgery mark (actually I am now 3 1/2 months) and I have read that I will lose hair between 3-6 months post surgery.  Right on target :)

I was hoping to update this blog more, but it hasn't happened.  Why?  Life is too darn busy.  I don't know how bloggers do it.  With my full-time job, 3 kids (who are on 3 different softball teams), and a husband who is a teacher and football coach (this time of year I NEVER see him), I barely have time to breathe.  I will try and do better, though.

I was at least hoping to update when milestones happen...that didn't happen, either.  3 month surgiversary came and went.  Also, 80 lbs. lost!!!  Came and went.

So fabulous!  I am this close to being in onederland...I can feel it!  August was a good  month for losing, while I didn't lose an ounce in July.  And I didn't do anything different.  I do know that I am going to have to change up my gameplan if I am going to continue to keep losing.  I am eating all the right foods and don't cheat at all (no sugar, bread, pasta, rice, tortillas) and get all my protein in, but I don't get all my liquids in and I don't exercise, well hardly at all.  I am more active (take stairs, walking dogs more, etc.), but I don't work out or go to the gym.  That will have to change, but I have never liked exercise.  I have tried them all (home videos and equipment, gym membership, Curves, walking), but nothing sticks.  I do them for a while, but then I stop.  I am going to have to do something or I will not get to goal, that I know.  I am surprised I have lost this much without it so far.

My husband is doing great, too!  He has lost just over 50 lbs in just a few short weeks (15 before surgery and 39 in 5 weeks since surgery).  He looks fantastic as well.  He has been sick this week, though.  Poor guy.  He got strep throat and then was put on antibiotics.  The antibiotics messed with his system and he was really run down.  I think he has really overdone it, with football practice in the extreme heat and just not resting enough and not eating enough.

We are taking our measurements this weekend and I will be sure to post them.  I know I am way down, as nothing is fitting me :)  yay!!  I wish I knew what size I was, as they are all so different.  I am now at 200 lbs and 5'8", but I still am either a size 16 or 18.  I thought for sure I would be at least a 14 by now, but they are way too small still.  Maybe in some stores, but not the limited ones I have had a chance to try things on in.  Crazy how different stores and people are, in regard to sizing.

Monday, August 15, 2011

First day of school! And huge NSV!!

First day of school for my girlies!  I think this is right up there with one of my favorite days:  everything is bright, shiny, and new...and everyone is happy.  They were all up early and no complaining or arguing over clothes or bathrooms.  And I get my Monday mornings back :)  I don't go in to the office on Mondays, even though I do work and might do some home visits to foster kids.  But I enjoy my quiet mornings and am able to get some stuff done.
3rd grade, 8th grade, and 6th grade

Lord help me...two in Middle School this year!

Oh, and the huge NSV?  I had so many moms coming up to me (and one was shrieking across the school campus) that didn't recognize me or exclaim how good I looked.  I have lost over 50 lbs. this summer (I lost around 25 before school let out).  It was such a nice feeling, not being the "fat mom". I felt good and looked good.  That is priceless on sooo many levels!  Going to be a great year!  It's already been a good day :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

In a good place

Last night, hubby and I were able to go on a date!  Woo hoo!  I probably won't see him much now that football season has started.  He is the head coach for the High School freshman team.  They practice really late and get so busy.  It was really nice to spend an evening with just was lovely.  We were able to share dinner, going out for the first time since we were both sleeved.  We shared a grilled fish taco and a shrimp taco with a side of pinto beans.  He only ate the fish and some beans, I ate 4 pieces of shrimp and then some of the insides of the taco (cabbage and dressing) and some beans.  There were some left over (tortillas and salsa and veggies, and lots of beans), but we were both full.  We are going to be cheap dates :)

I am really enjoying the sleeve right now.  It is a wonderful tool!!  I am actually feeling full for the first time...ever!  It is a nice feeling to eat only a few bites and be done.  I am also in a good place with my weight loss.  I am losing a pound around every third day lately and I am thrilled with that!  I was down again this morning, which leads me to 75 lbs. lost!!!  Yay!!!

My clothes are literally falling off and I am really going to have to go shopping for some new ones.  I have a few that I can still wear, those that I haven't worn in years, but I am going to need some new ones.  I am getting comments all the time and I am liking the way I look :)  This is really fun!

My husband is doing very well, too.  He is now almost a month out and has lost 40 lbs. total, 20 of which is since surgery. Crazy!!  He is very competitive and really wants to catch me, ha ha!  He is looking good (rowr!! lol!) and feeling better every day.  He is anxious to get off mushies and is getting bored with his limitations, but he is a trooper.  I am SOO glad we are doing this together.  Makes a world of difference!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Love my Saturday mornings!

I love my Saturday mornings!  I get up semi-early and head out to the Farmer's Market for fruit, vegetables, and fresh flowers, and then the local Henry's Market for cheese and deli meat.

I also stopped by Starbuck's for my skinny vanilla latte, too...and ran into Shelly (Eggface) and her mum :)  What a nice surprise!

I took my middle daughter with me today (and met up with my parents), as my youngest is at a sleepover and my oldest is at football practice with my husband (13 year old girl...why does she want to be at football practice?  To help my husband?  NO! 14 year old boys!  I am not looking forward to these teen years!).  We had a really good time, and I need to make sure I spend quality time with each of my daughters.  They are all so precious :)

Later today we go school clothes shopping.  NOT looking forward to that.  Ugh.  I cannot believe school starts in a week.  Two middle-schoolers and a third grader.  Lord, help me!

OH, and earlier this week I passed the 70 lbs. lost mark!  Woo hoo!!  So glad the scale is moving again!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Yummy breakfast!

I was in the mood to try something new this morning, so I searched the WLS blogs and cooking websites and decided to try Shelly's Ricottage Pancakes.

  • 1/4 cup Ricotta Cheese (I used whole milk ricotta)
  • 1/4 cup Cottage Cheese 
  • 1 Egg
  • 3 Tablespoons Multigrain Pancake Mix 
  • 1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Pudding Mix, dry (I used vanilla)
  • 1 Tablespoon Unsweetened Coconut, toasted
Mix all ingredients together.  Spray pan with non-stick spray. Cook on low till golden, flip, pat flat, cook till done. Nuke Shelly's Super Special Syrup (2 T. sugar free maple syrup with 1 teaspoon Torani syrup, I used caramel flavor) for 25 seconds so it drizzles well. Serve each pancake with a drizzle of warm syrup. Makes 4 small pancakes or 8 silver dollar size.  

I then sliced some bananas on top...YUM!!

I made about 6 pancakes with the batter and used almost half a banana.  They were very good, but by my calculations they were only 8 grams of protein for 1/3 a serving and around 7 grams of carbs.  Not the greatest in terms of what I need for breakfast, but more protein than my usual egg and very tasty :)  I probably will have some yogurt in a little bit to add more protein for the morning.

On another husband is doing fantastic!  He simply amazes me.  He is not having any problems at all and is drinking all his liquids like a champ.  He came home on Thursday and has been following our doctor's protocol to a T.  He over did it a little on Saturday, attending a car wash fundraiser for the football team.  He decided to stay home from church on Sunday to rest, admitting to staying out in the sun too long.  He is back to work today, on a limited basis.  His football team has "hell week" starting today.  He is going, but assured me he would delegate and stay seated (ha ha ha!).  He goes back to teaching next week.

Also, I am officially out of my stall!!!  Since I last reported my stall two weeks ago (a 5 week stall...grrr!), I have lost 6 lbs!  It is so good to see the scale move every morning again, even if it is only a few ounces.  I also have been seeing people I haven't seen since the school year, as activities are starting and back-to-school is happening (High School starts next week, Middle School and Elementary start on the 15th).  I have had so many comments on my weight loss and it is sooo nice to hear!  The sleeve is working (and I am working hard, too)!  Feels good :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

So Cal Weight Loss Surgery Meet & Greet!

What a fun, fun day!  Everyone was sooo nice and we just sat around and talked and talked (and ate and ate)!  I started out the morning going to the Farmer's Market, gathering up yummy fruits and vegetables (and fresh flowers) for the week.  My parents go every weekend, too, so I met them there and always love their company.  We then went to Henry's Market for some deli meat and cheese.  Yum!  My dad then drove away with all our bounty from the morning to take home so it wouldn't spoil.  My mom and I stayed together, going shopping at the mall (got a really cute shirt and a new bra, because my "girls" are swimming in my current one...I have definitely lost some weight there!) before heading to Harveston Lake Park.

We got to the park probably an hour and a half early and saw Shelly (aka Eggface) right as we drove up.  I almost squealed when I saw her.  She was so sweet and cute!  I told her who I was and she recognized my name/picture and I was tickled! They weren't ready for the event quite yet, so we took a walk around the lake.  It was very beautiful today, even though it was a little hot and muggy.  By the time we made it around, I was dripping with sweat, but it felt good to walk.  I was also glad that the doors were opened early, as it was cool inside the building.  There were already a few people inside and there was a line for sign-ins.  I am really glad Shelly is going to email us with everyone's name and email (and location) so we can all keep in touch.  What a great support system!  Like Shelly explained in the event details, there was no speaker or planned agenda, just 70 or so WLS peeps, talking and laughing and sharing ideas.  I learned a great deal from the ladies I was sitting with and others who were sitting at the tables around me.  I met some that lived really close to me, others who had surgery near the time I had, others who had the same surgeon, and others who had the same surgery.  I also really liked looking at before and after pictures that people brought.  Some were AMAZING!

Here are some pictures of the goodie bag that we all received when we arrived:

So cool, right!!?  I love all the products and am excited to try them all, from protein drink samples, vitamins, high protein snacks, torani syrup, coffee sample, peanut butter, water bottle, and more!  So exciting! Also, there was a protein and vitamin exchange.  I brought tons of my samples with me, ones I knew that I wouldn't use because I couldn't handle them (yuck!).  As I was leaving my samples, someone left a tub of Max protein (my fav!) that they did not want.  I scooped that up really was Cookies & Cream flavor.  Yum!

After tons of talking and talking, the drawing started for all of Shelly's give-a-ways :)  She had tons and it was exciting to hear all the numbers and see people win stuff.  I heard my number and won a DVD from  They were there, conducting interviews all day and I have seen their programs before.  They are hilarious.  I was pleased with my win :)  As we were gathering all the give-a-way winners together for a group photo (something Shelly wanted to do to thank all the nice supporters), the person who won the 5 lb. tub of vanilla Max protein walked by me.  That is the one prize I wanted to win.  I use protein all the time in cooking and shakes/ice cream and when I went to GNC to get some vanilla, they were all sold out.  The 5 lb. tub costs around $130 in the stores!  I commented on wanting that prize and she looked at me and replied, "Really?  I really wanted that DVD!"  So, we exchanged prizes!  I was thrilled!  Yay!

After the raffle winners, we all sat around and talked some more, but people started to slowly leave, as it was getting late.  I took some pictures of the group, the food, the lake, and of course of Eggface :)  My mom and I had a blast.  She even talked to Shelly's mom for a little while, discussing the support they give to their daughters.  I am glad she was with me.  I know she had fun, too.  I hope we don't have to wait a whole year to do this again.  Maybe I will see Shelly at the Farmer's Market or when I walk around the lake after work someday!?  Or maybe even when I grab a coffee at Starbuck's or enjoying a picnic somewhere with my bento box :)

Yummy food!
Snow Cones with sugar free syrups!

Me and Shelly
(aka Eggface)!