Monday, August 15, 2011

First day of school! And huge NSV!!

First day of school for my girlies!  I think this is right up there with one of my favorite days:  everything is bright, shiny, and new...and everyone is happy.  They were all up early and no complaining or arguing over clothes or bathrooms.  And I get my Monday mornings back :)  I don't go in to the office on Mondays, even though I do work and might do some home visits to foster kids.  But I enjoy my quiet mornings and am able to get some stuff done.
3rd grade, 8th grade, and 6th grade

Lord help me...two in Middle School this year!

Oh, and the huge NSV?  I had so many moms coming up to me (and one was shrieking across the school campus) that didn't recognize me or exclaim how good I looked.  I have lost over 50 lbs. this summer (I lost around 25 before school let out).  It was such a nice feeling, not being the "fat mom". I felt good and looked good.  That is priceless on sooo many levels!  Going to be a great year!  It's already been a good day :)


FreeJulie said...

Really, really great NSV, Sandy, congratulations!

Sheila said...

Awww, cute girlies, and we are on the countdown for that ever-so-important first day of school. I can't wait and neither can the girls. Love the NSV! You have lost -75...YAY!!!! I'm only a teensy bit jealous, I've been stuck for 2 months and really getting annoyed now. Aargh. But I know I'm not done, so this is an exercise in persaverence.

Taylor said...

Hi Sandy! I'm enjoying your blog but can't figure out how to follow you. Am I missing something?!

Taylor said...

Cancel my last comment, I figured it out. :) And in response to your post, I've had similar experiences taking my kids back to school this week and it's pretty good.

Oddly, a few people that I know fairly well didn't say a word! And I'm almost 35 pounds less than I was when I saw them last.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your NSV, awesome feeling!!! You will have your hands full with two middle schoolers!!

Anonymous said...

How nice to have people really noticing the weight loss.
I am a new follower.