Saturday, August 6, 2011

Love my Saturday mornings!

I love my Saturday mornings!  I get up semi-early and head out to the Farmer's Market for fruit, vegetables, and fresh flowers, and then the local Henry's Market for cheese and deli meat.

I also stopped by Starbuck's for my skinny vanilla latte, too...and ran into Shelly (Eggface) and her mum :)  What a nice surprise!

I took my middle daughter with me today (and met up with my parents), as my youngest is at a sleepover and my oldest is at football practice with my husband (13 year old girl...why does she want to be at football practice?  To help my husband?  NO! 14 year old boys!  I am not looking forward to these teen years!).  We had a really good time, and I need to make sure I spend quality time with each of my daughters.  They are all so precious :)

Later today we go school clothes shopping.  NOT looking forward to that.  Ugh.  I cannot believe school starts in a week.  Two middle-schoolers and a third grader.  Lord, help me!

OH, and earlier this week I passed the 70 lbs. lost mark!  Woo hoo!!  So glad the scale is moving again!!


Sheila said...

LOL @the oldest DD wanting to, ah hem, "help" your hubby. Aaack, I am SO not looking forward to that. School for us starts in 2 weeks and I will have a 5th and a 4th grader. OY!

Fantastic job on -70lbs that sure was FAST lady! I know you worked hard pre-op but STILL that is just plain awesome!

And how cool that you ran into Shelly, life sure is funny isn't it?

Jacquie said...

Congrats on the 70 lbs lost...that is freakin fantastic!