Friday, September 2, 2011

Holy Hair!

Yep, my hair is falling out, just like I knew it would.  As I was showering this morning, I had to catch it all before it went down the drain and clogged it all up.  Luckily I have tons of hair, so I don't think anyone will notice, but it is kinda annoying.  I have been wearing lots of tank tops lately (due to the triple digit weather we are having lately! ugh!) and I am constantly swiping at my arms because I feel loose hairs on them and they bother me.  I did just pass the 3 month post surgery mark (actually I am now 3 1/2 months) and I have read that I will lose hair between 3-6 months post surgery.  Right on target :)

I was hoping to update this blog more, but it hasn't happened.  Why?  Life is too darn busy.  I don't know how bloggers do it.  With my full-time job, 3 kids (who are on 3 different softball teams), and a husband who is a teacher and football coach (this time of year I NEVER see him), I barely have time to breathe.  I will try and do better, though.

I was at least hoping to update when milestones happen...that didn't happen, either.  3 month surgiversary came and went.  Also, 80 lbs. lost!!!  Came and went.

So fabulous!  I am this close to being in onederland...I can feel it!  August was a good  month for losing, while I didn't lose an ounce in July.  And I didn't do anything different.  I do know that I am going to have to change up my gameplan if I am going to continue to keep losing.  I am eating all the right foods and don't cheat at all (no sugar, bread, pasta, rice, tortillas) and get all my protein in, but I don't get all my liquids in and I don't exercise, well hardly at all.  I am more active (take stairs, walking dogs more, etc.), but I don't work out or go to the gym.  That will have to change, but I have never liked exercise.  I have tried them all (home videos and equipment, gym membership, Curves, walking), but nothing sticks.  I do them for a while, but then I stop.  I am going to have to do something or I will not get to goal, that I know.  I am surprised I have lost this much without it so far.

My husband is doing great, too!  He has lost just over 50 lbs in just a few short weeks (15 before surgery and 39 in 5 weeks since surgery).  He looks fantastic as well.  He has been sick this week, though.  Poor guy.  He got strep throat and then was put on antibiotics.  The antibiotics messed with his system and he was really run down.  I think he has really overdone it, with football practice in the extreme heat and just not resting enough and not eating enough.

We are taking our measurements this weekend and I will be sure to post them.  I know I am way down, as nothing is fitting me :)  yay!!  I wish I knew what size I was, as they are all so different.  I am now at 200 lbs and 5'8", but I still am either a size 16 or 18.  I thought for sure I would be at least a 14 by now, but they are way too small still.  Maybe in some stores, but not the limited ones I have had a chance to try things on in.  Crazy how different stores and people are, in regard to sizing.


Sheila said...

-80lbs. Plus 2 more. Wahoo!!! That rocks chickee! I hope your hubby feels better soon, he sounds like he is losing great! Sizing is funny for sure...I can't recommend Goodwill, thrift stores enough!!

Anonymous said...

Hair.. gosh I lost so much of it, it was disturbing! I'm 9 mths out and I'm still losing hair.. not as rapidly though.. around mths 5, 6 and 7 I thought for sure I was going to go bald!

Jennee said...

I have no hair . . .

I just paid about $200 dollars to have some PUT in. I am a sad site but at least I can solve it.

Congrats on your milestone.