Saturday, October 15, 2011

Let's Talk Leftovers

I really have not learned how to cook for my family post-op.  I still think "family of five" and cook accordingly.  Before surgery, I would cook more than five servings because my husband and I would definitely eat more than our share.  Now, I am thinking maybe "family of three" would suffice, as our 3 daughters eat like birds most of the time and my husband and I could easily split a serving.  We also need to utilize the leftovers.  This is what my refrigerator looks like on a regular basis:

(I was too lazy to actually take a picture and upload it, so I just found a pic with leftovers)

I cannot tell you how many times in the last 5 months I have thrown out spoiled food.  Shelly (AKA Eggface) is really good about this and has so many ideas for leftovers.  She calls it "repurposing".  
Here is one of her blog entries about it:  What neat ideas!

I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks, mostly due to the stall I am in...again.  It is totally my fault, though.  I am not exercising at all.  Every day I tell myself I am going to walk or watch a DVD or go to the gym (gasp!), but it doesn't happen.  I always find something else I would rather do.  I was never good at self discipline...ha!!  I am also not getting in hardly any water and I don't track my eating, so I have no idea if I all my protein in.  I doubt I am eating too many carbs, as I am pretty good at sticking to what is on my eating plan.  The doctor still hasn't cleared me for bread (including chips/crackers), pasta, tortillas, or rice.  My diet is mainly still cheese, yogurt, eggs, meat, fruit, veggies.  I have protein bars (usually only a half) with my coffee in the morning.  I do eat small snacks every few hours:  handful of almonds, a string cheese, a piece of turkey jerky, etc.  I am okay with my stalls, because I am absolutely thrilled about losing 90+ lbs. in 5 months!!  I just know I need to move, not to get the scale moving, but for my health.  I didn't have this surgery to still be "unhealthy".  I just wish I had some more motivation :)


Sheila said...

Oh my gosh that is a lot of leftovers. Thanks to Shelly I'm very big on repurposing and not wasting food. IN fact I have some left over fajita meat in the fridge right now calling my name to turn them into egg bites. Gotta love those egg bites. You'll get the hang of it soon! said...

motivation ebbs and flows, but you're doing well. I lost right around 100 lbs in 6 months so I'd say you're pretty much on the mark. Water is a daily struggle for me, too.