Saturday, July 30, 2011

So Cal Weight Loss Surgery Meet & Greet!

What a fun, fun day!  Everyone was sooo nice and we just sat around and talked and talked (and ate and ate)!  I started out the morning going to the Farmer's Market, gathering up yummy fruits and vegetables (and fresh flowers) for the week.  My parents go every weekend, too, so I met them there and always love their company.  We then went to Henry's Market for some deli meat and cheese.  Yum!  My dad then drove away with all our bounty from the morning to take home so it wouldn't spoil.  My mom and I stayed together, going shopping at the mall (got a really cute shirt and a new bra, because my "girls" are swimming in my current one...I have definitely lost some weight there!) before heading to Harveston Lake Park.

We got to the park probably an hour and a half early and saw Shelly (aka Eggface) right as we drove up.  I almost squealed when I saw her.  She was so sweet and cute!  I told her who I was and she recognized my name/picture and I was tickled! They weren't ready for the event quite yet, so we took a walk around the lake.  It was very beautiful today, even though it was a little hot and muggy.  By the time we made it around, I was dripping with sweat, but it felt good to walk.  I was also glad that the doors were opened early, as it was cool inside the building.  There were already a few people inside and there was a line for sign-ins.  I am really glad Shelly is going to email us with everyone's name and email (and location) so we can all keep in touch.  What a great support system!  Like Shelly explained in the event details, there was no speaker or planned agenda, just 70 or so WLS peeps, talking and laughing and sharing ideas.  I learned a great deal from the ladies I was sitting with and others who were sitting at the tables around me.  I met some that lived really close to me, others who had surgery near the time I had, others who had the same surgeon, and others who had the same surgery.  I also really liked looking at before and after pictures that people brought.  Some were AMAZING!

Here are some pictures of the goodie bag that we all received when we arrived:

So cool, right!!?  I love all the products and am excited to try them all, from protein drink samples, vitamins, high protein snacks, torani syrup, coffee sample, peanut butter, water bottle, and more!  So exciting! Also, there was a protein and vitamin exchange.  I brought tons of my samples with me, ones I knew that I wouldn't use because I couldn't handle them (yuck!).  As I was leaving my samples, someone left a tub of Max protein (my fav!) that they did not want.  I scooped that up really was Cookies & Cream flavor.  Yum!

After tons of talking and talking, the drawing started for all of Shelly's give-a-ways :)  She had tons and it was exciting to hear all the numbers and see people win stuff.  I heard my number and won a DVD from  They were there, conducting interviews all day and I have seen their programs before.  They are hilarious.  I was pleased with my win :)  As we were gathering all the give-a-way winners together for a group photo (something Shelly wanted to do to thank all the nice supporters), the person who won the 5 lb. tub of vanilla Max protein walked by me.  That is the one prize I wanted to win.  I use protein all the time in cooking and shakes/ice cream and when I went to GNC to get some vanilla, they were all sold out.  The 5 lb. tub costs around $130 in the stores!  I commented on wanting that prize and she looked at me and replied, "Really?  I really wanted that DVD!"  So, we exchanged prizes!  I was thrilled!  Yay!

After the raffle winners, we all sat around and talked some more, but people started to slowly leave, as it was getting late.  I took some pictures of the group, the food, the lake, and of course of Eggface :)  My mom and I had a blast.  She even talked to Shelly's mom for a little while, discussing the support they give to their daughters.  I am glad she was with me.  I know she had fun, too.  I hope we don't have to wait a whole year to do this again.  Maybe I will see Shelly at the Farmer's Market or when I walk around the lake after work someday!?  Or maybe even when I grab a coffee at Starbuck's or enjoying a picnic somewhere with my bento box :)

Yummy food!
Snow Cones with sugar free syrups!

Me and Shelly
(aka Eggface)!



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, looks like so much fun! I'm jealous!!

Sheila said...

Wow, that looks like such a great time...I'm still so jealous of you! OH and you look FANTASTIC!!! YAY!

Jenni said...
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