Sunday, June 19, 2011


What a crazy and busy week.  I meant to post a few times this week, but didn't have a chance to.  Life got in the way, life meaning a busy work week and kids, lol!  First milestone:  50 LBS lost!!  Woo hoo!
I think it is amazing to have lost so much in such a short time (20 lbs. two week pre-op and 30 lbs. since surgery).
I also meant to post on my one month surgiversary three days ago :)  I just now had my daughter take some pictures.  They aren't the best quality, but what do I expect from a 10 year old.  Here are the comparisons:

I also took my measurements, to compare.  I really do feel smaller and it shows by the numbers:

Even with all the positive numbers to show, I still cannot say I "love" my sleeve.  I really wish I did.  I am miserable a lot of the time.  Nothing tastes good to me and I haven't been able to get all my protein in at all, not one day.  I am dry heaving or throwing up every day, feeling nauseous a good deal of the time.  I am really hoping it changes soon and I am praying I will be able to tolerate something.  I am trying new things all the time, just to see what works.  Fruit seems to go down the best, but that doesn't give me the protein I need.  I start lots of things, but can never seem to finish them.  I am going to try new recipes for protein shakes this week and hopefully they will work.  I am staying hydrated , with G2/low calorie Gatorade working best. Water make me sick.  Weird, huh?  I will let you all know if something works.  I know it has only been one month, but I don't think this is normal.  I am hoping maybe I am still recovering and that my sleeve will eventually calm down and make me happy :)  In the meantime, I am still losing and haven't really stalled at all, but then again, I haven't really eaten that much in almost 5 weeks.


Jacquie said...

Congrats on your fantastic loss! I was sleeved 3 day ago and I met my protein today by drinking 2 shakes wit 33 g in each nel 'the rest of the day all i had was 2 16 oz bottol water

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear your sleeve isn't being very cooperative right now! But I have to say, you look great! You can totally tell you are getting smaller all over!

Have you tried diet Snapple, or adding crystal light to your water? I've noticed that I've been getting bored with drinks too lately.

I know for a fact that I'm not getting in nearly enough protein, but then again I don't eat meat, so I can't just grab a piece of chicken and go. But I'm losing, and feel alright, so at this moment, I am okay with that!

Keep up the good work :)