Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Doesn't taste quite right...

I read about the taste buds changing after surgery and I would have to agree.  Some things just don't taste right or the way I remember them to be.  One huge difference is my all-time favorite drink.

I could drink Gold Peak Diet Tea by the gallon before surgery.  I thought it was so refreshing and delicious.  Now, well, it just doesn't taste the same.  It is just too sweet, I think.  Our water doesn't taste the same, either.  I am going to have to buy bottled water or just add flavors to it, because on its own it kind of yucky.  It makes me sad that my tea doesn't taste right.  I am looking for a substitute, so I can stay hydrated during these hot summer months.  I am sure I will find something just as good, but I am still looking!

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Anonymous said...

I have run into this problem a lot! MY hubby thinks I'm crazy and that it's in my head.. lol.. happy to see I'm not alone!

When I want a drink, something other than water but not soda I reach for.. Snapple's Diet Peach Tea.. I love it! But b/c of the caffeine I try to limit my intake of it.