Saturday, June 25, 2011

Almost forgot!

Just weighed myself this morning!  I am down 60 lbs!!

I started my pre-op diet on May 3rd at 282 lbs.  Surgery was on May 16th and I was at 262 lbs.  I am now at 222 lbs. !!!  It seems unreal.  It hasn't even been six weeks since surgery.  I am still in the healing stages and getting used to eating regular food.  I am learning to love my sleeve more, even though I still throw up most all over the parking lot at McD's yesterday.  I only had 1-2 ounces of a fruit and yogurt parfait (way more carbs than I usually eat, but after a long day at softball, that is where the family wanted to eat on the way home).  I then had a few sips of an iced latte (sugar free vanilla), and I guess I had too many sips.  It was very good, but when I got to the car, out it came, unexpectedly.  Weird. I am glad it happened there and not in the restaurant.  Eek!

OK, onward and downward :)  This is an exciting journey!!


Jacquie said...

Fantastic weight loss Sandy!

I just started pureed and I'm finding I have absolutely no problems with liquids, they go down very easy but man, add a little texture and all i can eat is about 1/4 cup of whatever. i lost 8 lbs first week and that was with a starting weight of 164 lbs. In comparison, I was 213 lbs at surgery for lap band and first week I again lost 8. I am very happy right now. This sleeve will get me to goal and help me maintain...something my lapband couldn't do!

Sheila said...

Sandy THAT rocks!