Thursday, May 16, 2013


Two years ago today I had vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery.  My family said, "really?  two years?  I thought it was only a year ago!"  Time has flown by...I have learned so much about myself and so much has changed.  I have also realized that I am not a blogger, lol!  I changed jobs last year and I really don't have the time.  I used to read (and read) blogs, and post once in a while, but now I don't do either.  But, I didn't want to let this momentous occasion pass without some mention of it.

I am still oh so very thankful my husband and I had this surgery.  We are so much healthier and happier.  These are a before and after of us:

We pretty much have maintained our weight these two years.  My husband actually got a little too low, so I asked him to gain about 15 lbs, lol!  I put on about 10 lbs. over the holidays this past year and they are still with me, but I can still wear a size 10 (from a 22) and feel fine, but might try to lose those 10 lbs. over Summer.  We don't watch what we eat as much, but still try to pack in the protein before other nutrients.  I still wish I exercised more, but am slowly trying to move my body a little each day.

One of the most amazing things that has happened over these past two years is that so many of my good friends have had weight loss surgery as well!  It is amazing to see the transformations!!  I get teary-eyed just thinking of a few of my friends who finally went through all the hesitations and scariness of surgery to finally going to the other side of healing.  I am proud of them!

So, here's to another year of living a healthy and happy lifestyle!!  OH, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat!!  Absolutely! :)

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Sheila said...

WOW! You guy look amazing! I'm so happy for you! I wish you would blog more often, but I can appreciate the time constraints. Thanks for the update!